Not all press on the Kentucky basketball team has been positive as of late. No, we won't go into the whole "fans threatened a referee" story, but Calipari has also been dragged by the press for his lack of championships at UK, just one in 2012, despite recruiting the top talent in the country. A look at the man and the method to his madness, the ESPN 30 for 30 documentary One and Not Done doesn't pull any punches. Here's the latest promo.

I had forgotten all about his almost brawl with then Temple coach John Chaney. Bobby Knight not mincing any words, not surprised. Here's what you aren't reading in the press, Kentucky was just named the AP's top all-time college basketball program. Part of that success is attributed to Calipari. By the way, did you know coach has his own podcast? It's called "Cal Cast". In the latest episode, Calipari, going solo, discusses this past season.

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