If you feel like there just hasn't been enough to occupy your mind in 2020, have I got news for you.

This year is already playing out a scripted summer blockbuster. So it's not like we need anything else to happen, right?

Well, in keeping with the movie theme, how about a screenplay detailing the arrival of large venomous hornets to the United States?

Yeah, we already had The Swarm in 1978 and that was pretty bad.

Well, these "murder hornets" are kinda bad, too. Really bad, in fact.

Large mounds of dead, headless bees have been found in Washington State, where these unwelcome insects made their first stateside appearance. And because of that, the Washington State Department of Agriculture already has a page dedicated to the little monsters.

And if you are aware of how important bees are, I don't have to explain the calamity of a predator targeting them.

But these large Asian hornets are more than just bee killers. That stinger packs a potent venom that could be deadly to humans if they're stung enough, although instances have been rare.

And the stings are just plain painful

According to Mashable, April is when they start hunting and, well, here it is May.

And while that website reports that these hornets are able to fly great distances and at relatively high rates of speed, they are not invincible.

Hopefully, there are those who will be able to pinpoint how best to go after them and eradicate them before they eradicate honeybees that we need to survive.

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