Surely, by now, you have heard the Baby Shark song.  That song (which is both catchy and maddening) has now inspired a Baby Shark cereal from Kellogg's and it has landed on local grocery store shelves.  My buddy Mark Ratajczak snapped photos of it over the weekend at Walmart.

In case you haven't heard the song, here you go.  Just be advised, it's an ear worm in every sense of the expression.

And, naturally, Kellogg's couldn't just feature Baby Shark on the cereal boxes.  There are boxes featuring Mommy and Daddy Shark too.

Mark Ratajczak

And, if the cereal doesn't sound like something you would swim and circle the store shelves for, there is a tin full of Baby Shark collectibles.

Mark Ratajczak

According to Mark, the tin has a collective card, poster and magnets.