Monday was a big day for my friend Kelly Greer and her husband Scott and their family.  Their restaurant, Kelly Rae's Country Cafe, celebrated a milestone anniversary in Whitesville.  They've now been in business for ten years and marked the special occasion with 10% discounts the entire day and $10 door prizes from 8am to 1pm.

It was a huge event and Kelly was grateful, as she always is, for the turnout and the support.  On Facebook, she posted this for her dedicated customers.

I'd like to thank everyone who came by today to celebrate our 10 years in business. We have some amazing customers who support us. 10 years would not have been possible without you all.

It's interesting.  The restaurant wasn't initially Kelly's dream at all.  It was her husband Scott's.  According to Kelly, Scott always loved her cooking and wanted others to be able to experience it.  Whitesville had Mil's dairy drive-in, but the city was missing what Kelly calls "a real come in, sit down and gather restaurant."  So, Kelly and Scott opened Kelly Rae's Country Cafe and Kelly has "totally embraced it."

In fact, she says it's like a big family.  She says, "Living in a small town like Whitesville and running a business, you get to know people and their families and they become like family.  We have our regular customers we see everyday and if they miss a day our waitresses are worried and a lot of times calling to check up on them."

And making Kelly Rae's even more hometown in its approach . . . they have items on their menu inspired by some of their regular customers.   There is the Biggin' Burger named for Scott (aka Biggin).  Kelly says it's a burger just how he likes them.   The Biggin' comes complete with sweet pickles, onion, bacon and BBQ sauce.

Kelly Rae's also serves up the Porter, which is named for Porter Rogers.  Porter was a Kelly Rae's regular and used to visit every morning for the first six or seven years the restaurant was open.  He got the same thing ever single day- a biscuit & gravy and a order of sausage.   After he passed, one of the waitresses suggested that they honor and memorialize him on the menu.  The did!  And the Porter was born.

They also have a Knott!  It's a burger inspired by Andrea Knott. It's a burger with a fried egg on it.

As you can see, Kelly Rae's doesn't just connect with their customers' tummies!  They connect with their hearts too.  And the staff feels the love as well.

Alexandra Mae, who has worked at the Cafe about as long as it has been opened,  wrote . . .

I am truly blessed to be a part of this place. I haven't been there the whole 10 years almost 9 years for me.

Kelly Rae's is located at 10130 State Route 54 in Whitesville.


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