Elvis may have "left the building" in 1977, but he will never truly leave us, will he? Not as long as there are millions of Elvis fans on this planet, and that doesn't ever figure to change.


Elvis memorabilia still ranks very high among collectors--the same folks who would probably LOVE to spend time in an Elvis-themed Airbnb. And if said Elvis fans plan on traveling through Kentucky on Interstate 64, they will have to AT LEAST check out Heartbreak Hotel.

Natalie, Airbnb
Natalie, Airbnb


Located in Winchester, Kentucky, Heartbreak Hotel features two beds and can accommodate four average-sized guests. There are tons of amenities to make any family feel right at home. But seriously, how cool is this whole set-up?

And if there's something about Elvis you don't know, that might change after a stay in Heartbreak Hotel. Part of the ambiance of the camper is a host of Elvis facts, in addition to playing cards, pictures, and books all devoted to the King of Rock 'n' Roll. You'll even find a pink Cadillac. I mean, if we're talking Elvis, you HAVE to have a pink Caddy. And the reviews have been mini-love letters.


Fantastic stay. It was great and everything they had was awesome. Enjoyed the outside activities and then watching old Elvis movies at night. -- Chad

Place is awesome. It's glamping for a reason--you're not here for a 5 star hotel stay. If that's your style this place is hammer on the head of the nail. Easy access, comfy for a laid back stay. Will be back soon! -- Brandon<span class="ll4r2nl dir dir-ltr">If you love Elvis like I do, it’s the perfect little spot. It’s decorated so well and has all a camper would need. I brought my sons, 10 and 13, and they loved the trampoline and all the activities the grounds had to offer. We even had a great steak meal cooked up on the grill. Thanks again!</span> -- Leah

Airbnb superhost Natalie and her husband seem to enjoy themes; they have another one called I Love Lucy.

At Heartbreak Hotel, there's a highly-recommended bicycle route near the Winchester property.
By the way, no Google map will show exactly where you'll be staying; guests will be provided directions after booking. It's for safety reasons, and I'm down with that.

I love it when people get super creative with their Airbnb properties. And this one looks like a home run.

Here are more images from Heartbreak Hotel...although this one isn't "down at the end of lonely street."

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