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Growing up, I got blamed for everything. I was four years older than my brother so every time he would cry, I got blamed for doing something to him. He didn't even have to tattle on me, it was assumed I was to blame. That was the advantage of being the younger brother.
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When my younger sister was born, the tables turned and he get blamed for everything, Ah, karma. Now that we are all grown up, we point fingers at each other then we crack up laughing that nobody cares.
I loved having siblings, but sometimes they were just little pains in the butt that knew how to work it with mom and dad to get me into trouble. #oldersibprobs

Do dogs like having other dog siblings?

There are times when your kids get along and times when they don't. Is it the same for dog siblings? According to the Animal Clinic of Woodruff, SC,
Dogs are innately social animals, so it makes sense to think they prefer to be with a family or group – but that group does not have to be other dogs. Now a domesticated, socialized species, many dogs are happy with just their owners/family.
Maybe that's why we see them telling on each other all the time. They are just as annoyed with each other as we are with each other.

Sibling dogs tell on each other all the time

Oh, tattling. It's so fun when you are a kid, but as a parent, it can get user annoying. If you think your dogs are too distracted by everything to focus on tattling on their siblings, they aren't. We see videos all the time where dogs tattle on each other and each one is hilarious. They are just waiting for the right time.

This video of a Louisville, Kentucky dog calling out his brother for getting an empty box of vanilla wafers out of the garbage that he wasn't supposed to have is too funny.

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