Several years ago, I did a live broadcast in southern Indiana at what I would call a traveling zoo. But the exhibits were very bizarre animals, and I had no idea that was the case until I got there. Very fascinating.

One of the creatures on display was a miniature horse. He looked to be about two feet tall, and I couldn't quit staring at him. He was fascinating and resembled this little guy:

And Bored Panda posted several images of miniature horses with the warning NOT to let your child see them; they'll fall in love and want one, which wouldn't be a good idea since they're still HORSES and wouldn't make good house pets.

But the horse that brings us here today is not a pet, but it DOES need a name. The Kentucky Derby Museum's stable is set to reopen this weekend, and on Friday, it will reveal the name of this miniature horse.

And before you start jotting down ideas, here's a name they definitely DO NOT want.


I've searched and can't find why "L'il Sebastian" is so undesirable, but I also know I could sit here for a month reeling off name suggestions and NEVER come up with that one.

The tiny horse will serve as an ambassador for the museum, just as others have done before him.

I've visited the Kentucky Derby Museum and I highly recommend you do the same if you get the chance. As you might expect, the museum offers a comprehensive history of one of the world's iconic sporting events.

The Greatest Race--an 18-minute short film in 360-degree, 4K high resolution--is a particular highlight.

If you think of a name for the museum's new ambassador, you can submit it here.

[SOURCE: WHAS-Louisville]

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