Let us pause for a moment on this Throwback Thursday and salute Charles Goodnight. What? You've never heard of him?

Well, I bet you're not alone. But I bet you have enjoyed, from time to time, a certain way of eating in public that might not have been possible were it not for this Texas cattleman and inventor.

In the 1860s, Goodnight took an old army surplus wagon and, using some of the sturdiest wood he could get his hands on--and with the help of fellow cattlemen, created a vehicle he could set up as a mobile kitchen in order to prepare food for those working cattle drives.

Hence, the chuckwagon. Not only it is a tasty sandwich, but it is also the "forefather" of the food truck. So I bow down in admiration.

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In 2021, hardly a day goes by that I don't see news of a food truck set up here or a food truck set up there or, even better, a FOOD TRUCK CHAMPIONSHIP.

Sign me up (and not to cook but to partake).

That's not a THEORETICAL food truck championship. It's the Kentucky Food Truck Championship and it's coming to the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame and Museum in Mt. Vernon, Kentucky September 11th.

Delicious cuisine from all around the country will be served up starting at 11 AM on September 11th and admission to the competition is free. But make sure you bring a big appetite.

That's the thing with me. I stand in the middle of a whole bunch of food trucks and I don't know where to start or where to go next. Yeah, I know, tiny problem.

There will also be a concert starring Chris Knight. And, of course, the Kentucky Museum and Hall of Fame is always worth a tour, just as ALL halls of fame are. Yes, I'm a fan.

So get your belly ready because the Kentucky State Food Truck Championship is coming.

It figures to be a very GOOD DAY, thanks, in many ways, to a man named Goodnight.

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