Tyler Watts is a fourth-grade teacher at Letcher Elementary School in Whitesburg, Kentucky.

He applies different approaches to education like, for example, using post-it notes to teach math, according to KentuckyTeacher.org.

But that isn't his only use for those invaluable little notepads. He also uses them to create astonishing artwork--artwork that apparently will be making annual appearances on the windows of Whitesburg's Harry M. Caudill Memorial Library.

It takes about 10,000 post-its to make what has become quite the attraction in the eastern Kentucky county that lies right on the Virginia border.

But Christmas isn't the only time you'll see his work. Nicknamed the "Post-It Picasso," Watts has created some pretty impressive Halloween imagery as well.

Hopefully, with the increasing exposure his out-of-the-box thinking is receiving, maybe we'll get to see more "themed" windows. Of course, the man DOES have a job and I don't expect he can just snap his fingers and make it happen.

However, if he could move at the rate of this time-lapse video, then there's no telling how much ground--or, I guess, how many walls--he could cover:

Very impressive. Now check out an equally impressive "post-it" gallery:

A Kentucky Teacher Creates Art with Post-It Notes

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