I always love hearing from Gwen Bennett the founder of Shepherds Hand Ministry, a Non-profit Christian based organization.

Since our first Shaped by Faith radio interview a few years ago, Shepherds Hand Ministry has gone from a clothing ministry working out of a doublewide trailer to 6000 square feet at Good Shepherd Church and two mobile clothing trailers and a food pantry. Gwen said with the help of this community and God our father many have been served with both food and clothing.

This year Shepherds Hand started a food ministry. The idea was born when a grandmother raising 2 sets of twins called Gwen. The grandmother had found a card with Shepherds Hand phone number and decided to call. She said she had no food for her grandchildren. Gwen told her that Shepherds Hand was a clothing ministry and they didn't really offer food. Gwen heard her desperation so she  told her to come to Shepherds Hand and she would see what they could do.

Gwen went on to explain that she works with an amazing group of people that God has sent to Shepherds Hand and when she shared with them the grandmother's need, they immediately responded and we were able to send Miss Nancy a carload of food. This was the beginning of food for grandparents raising grandchildren and then to caregivers taking care of others children.

Good Shepherd Church has been the home of Shepherds Hand clothing ministry for 5 years and now it is the home of Shepherds Hand food ministry. Gwen said they have had to adjust several times how they serve the people during the pandemic as the need has grown and they have seen people asking for food and clothes that have never needed help before.

As the need has grown so has their need for donations. Gwen shared that every time their shelves and freezers have become empty God has provided everything they needed sometimes in abundance.

Shepherds Hand is in need of gently used toys for kids . This year they are overwhelmed with requests for toys . Many people that have never needed help before are asking for assistance. They are accepting donations from 9-3 Monday and Wednesday Section C at Good Shepherd church 3031 Bittel Road.


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