I think we all do a very good job of giving our emergency responders the right of way every time that becomes necessary.

Within the last week or so, I've seen a driver practically go up into someone's yard to make way for an approaching ambulance.

But what, exactly, do the laws say about what is required of us civilian motorists in situations like this?

I looked this up after seeing a post from the Daviess County Sheriff's Office about the traffic laws regarding fire hoses. I'd never heard this before, but it makes perfect sense.

KRS 189.930, as you can tell from that image, doesn't stop at hoses, naturally.

Immediately above the hose statute is one about the distance one should drive behind an emergency vehicle during an actual emergency.

I have a friend who got ticketed for driving too closely behind a police car.

It's not a bad idea to familiarize yourself with the KRS 189.930 statutes. I can't be the only one who learned something he didn't know to be 100% true after reading them.


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