Do I believe in ghosts? It might have to depend on what you mean by "ghost?" I've had a couple of unusual experiences that I can't explain. Does that count?

Back when I was a junior at Western Kentucky University, I brought my Ouija board back to campus with me after one of the rare occasions that I went home for the weekend.

The minute Mark and Jeff saw it, they wanted to use it. And I know better than that. You don't mess around with those things. And if you don't believe in mysterious, otherworldly happenings, you probably already think I'm silly. That's fine.

To make a long story short, we feel like we made contact with "someone" and started asking "him" questions that "he" answered. Okay, enough with the quotations. We get it. Why I'm talking to myself right now, I couldn't tell ya.

Anyway, at some point, we made him mad and that guide that moves around the board just flew right off of it. I don't mean it went airborne; it slid very quickly off the board. And we were done. I boxed it back up and took it home the next chance I got.

A few years later, after my grandfather died, I was back in his apartment (it's one my parents had built onto their house) going through some things and felt someone tap me on the shoulder. Thing is, I was alone in the house.

Make of it what you will.

That's what Roberta Newell did after watching this creepy video from her security camera.

At first, I thought the reference was to that little light that flew across the screen early in the video, but that was probably a bug. That shape at the end? Now that's a puzzle. She thinks it's the ghost of her dog. I think its looks like Slimer from Ghostbusters, only in white, not green. Regardless, it's creepy and she may be onto something.

I'll have to trot this back out at Halloween. I bet Roberta does, too.

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