Every summer, Kentucky high school and middle school athletes get a a little break to recharge before full steam ahead practices begin. It is known as the "Dead Period"

There is to be no use of school facilities, team uniforms, team or equipment, transportation, coaches, personnel, maintained or producible log of student activity or anything else related to a school's athletic program.

School funds may not be expended in support of interscholastic athletics in any KHSAA sanctioned sport during this period.

Here's one part of the rule I didn't know: There is to be no communication between coaches and players during the dead period, including email, social media, texting, phone, and all other forms.

Coaches and schools may also not use intermediaries (e.g. a third party) to communicate with coaches and players in anyway as described in the previous rule.

The Dead Period was created in the mid-90's to address year-round athletic participation and how it didn't allow for families to plan vacations and how the student athlete could burn out from going non-stop in his/her prospective sport.

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