Sports fans can sometimes be very passionate people; I'm one of those fans. I completely confess to ragging on the ref at a basketball game when a call is missed or when I think the wrong call has been made. 

Fans think they know better than the official. This passion and sometimes anger has prompted the KHSAA to implement a new spectator policy that will go into effect in the next school year.

The reason behind the policy is the growing number of officials who are quitting. There were more than 300 fewer officials last year than in 2012 according to KHSAA data. Why do they quit? Bad behavior from parents and other spectators.

The new policy states any adult spectator that has to be removed school administrators and/or law enforcement for unsportsmanlike conduct will be suspended, at minimum, the next contest at that level of competition and any contests in the meantime.

If the spectator has to be removed a second time, he or she could be banned from more contests than the minimum. The KHSAA hopes that doesn't happen and that the first violation will send a clear message.

The policy does not clarify if student sections/student fans will be held to the same standard.

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