It must be the Harvest moon because when I look up at the sky tonight, (Sept. 20, 2021) I feel a strange energy in the air.

As I was driving home it was almost suffocating. Once I got out of the car, the feeling was still there, yet it felt not as intense, but more spiritual in nature. Looking out over my yard, I could see everything. Shadows from the trees seemed to walk toward me as the cool breeze brushed my cheek like gentle fingertips.

The Harvest Moon is a time for abundance for the Spring planting by farmers to the harvest of the Fall that comes at this time of year.

But, what if it means abundance in other ways too. What if everything tonight becomes more or abundant? The light of the moon, the things we see in the night, the trees around us getting ready to purge their leaves with an abundance of color. What if the spirits that walk with us are closer to us during the Harvest Moon. What if?

I felt an urge to walk around the yard and soak up the spiritual energy. It felt good and cleansing. The pull of the Harvest Monn made me want to dance around in the grass and embrace any spirits I might encounter with love and abundant joy.

Don't mind me, I just feel a different energy and I'm trying to explain it to myself, and maybe to you too. But, you know how I feel about spirits, ghosts, and the paranormal.

As we enter the season of spirits, and all things that spook us and change the feeling in the air, it seems fitting to tell some ghost stories shared from actual happenings in the Tristate. Ghosts in the Tristate? Yes! You would be surprised at how many people have stories to share.

One of my own stories comes from my friend, Amanda. She shared a ghost story with me that was so incredible that it was hard to believe. It all started in an old farmhouse near Jasper.

Soon after buying the home, she and her husband started experiencing strange things. Kitchen cabinets would open on their own. Blinds that were shut at night, would open in the morning. They also heard a child laughing and playing outside in the yard. This was strange because they lived miles from anyone and had no children of their own.

All of this stopped when they found an old coloring book page stuck in the motor underneath their refrigerator. After they pulled the paper out, they saw that it was a coloring book page that had been colored by a child. The page was signed in childlike letters that spelled Leslie. (This is just a weird coincidence, BTW.)

Once they know that child ghost's name, she seemed to leave the house. Soon, the strange things that had happened in the past, stopped. I guess, like most Leslie's, she just wanted to get their attention. We ARE attention grabbers.

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Here are eight more Tristate ghost sightings that are really scary, mainly because they happened HERE. The stories were shared with us on our Facebook page.

But, first a word of warning...

**Don't Read Alone**

Ghost Spotted At the YMCA

When I was in 5th grade I stayed at the YWCA for a slumber party with the live years. We were in the gym and all of a sudden we saw feet running across the bottom of the door. They ran to open it and no one was there. Then we went to the bathroom and saw a girl that was pale and white standing in the tea room. The next morning before leaving a group of us wanted to take a picture and when we got the film developed there was a white blob next to one of the girl's heads. - Heather

Haunted Barn

When I was 12 years old My friends family bought a farm in Posey County, My friend and two other buddies were exploring the barn We found a rope swing in the loft and were swinging on it, my friend's mom came to tell us to come for lunch, she could not see us only or shadow on the wall, and ask who found the old straw hat? We told her we didn’t find a hat, she said she could see one of us were wearing the hat from our shadows, none of us were wearing a hat, we all looked at the wall saw a shadow of a smaller kid wearing a straw hat, we all freaked out jumped out of the loft and the shadow faded, I never visited his farm again. - Jim

Imaginary Friend or Ghost? 

One night my daughter and I were in our front room. All of a sudden the lil fan that I had on the coffee table went flying across the room. My daughter said that was great grandma so goofy around I said was that you granny and the creepiest voice came from the hallway and said YES! My daughter jumped from her chair over to mine, lol. No one to this day believes us. - Penni

Guardian Angel

At 3 every morning I would hear a little girl giggle haha let's play so I begin to search my kid's toy box thinking it was a baby doll but they didn't have any toys that said that it was every morning at 3 a.m. I had told my dad that had stage 4 and Stage 2 cancer about it and he thought I was crazy so he had got up at 3 a.m. one morning because he was in severe pain and when I had got up later that morning he told me that I wasn't crazy I proceeded to ask him well I know I'm not crazy but what do you mean he said I heard that little girl at 3 this morning laughing giggle haha let's play then my kids are little stove would go tick Tick boom but it would only go off if the knob was turned and no one was up at that time in the morning when my dad passed away on a Sunday at 3 a.m. in the morning I never heard that little girl ever again I'm wondering if maybe it was a little girl lost and my dad helped her to go over to Heaven. - Megan

Haunted House

The house I grew up in is a family home. Before my grandpa was born, he had an older sister that was almost 6years when she was accidentally shot and killed in the house. My dad got the house in his early 20s, he and my mom have lived there since. They told us all sorts of stories of things that would happen..Lights were being turned on in upstairs rooms that no one had been in. Record player playing music, doors slamming with no airflow, and other random things. Once my sister was born, they said everything stopped happening.
When my daughter was little 2-3yrs old. She was always playing with someone and would put her toys in an old family rocking chair and start talking to the chair. We all swear she was playing and sharing with the little girl in the house. - Laura

Ghostly Guardian

During the ice storm a few years back, I had spent 8 days without power and blocked off all rooms In the house except the kitchen and dining room. Moved my mattress to the dining room floor and me and my little dog Bailey survived with only heat from the gas burners on my cook stove . When the power finally came on about 8 at night I got everything put back in place and Had just laid down in bed with Bailey right beside me when I saw a person/ shadow walk past my door. Baileys little head turned quick as she saw it too. Then I knew it was real. I got up and looked around the house. I always thought it was my momma who had passed 2 years before. Like she had been watching over us and then when she knew we were ok she left. - Nancy

Ghost on the Stairs

I remember when I was a kid, hearing footsteps coming up the stairs at my grandparent's house. Nothing/nobody ever came up the stairs when it happened. I was about 5. Later on, in my life, I found out about the kid who passed away in the room I was sleeping in.... - Ben

Unexplained Music

Near Panther Creek Church in Whitesville Ky, I was doing an outside termite inspection and was the only person on the grounds or near the church, when all of sudden started hearing piano music from inside - Justin

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