Ah, summer 2020. It's one I will never forget, mainly because there was hardly anything happening due to the pandemic.

I spent a lot of time exploring the beautiful Kentucky countryside. So considering the fact that the Commonwealth, like so many other states, was practically at a standstill, I covered a LOT of ground. And I'm not scoffing. I really enjoyed those quiet drives. That's kind of my jam, anyway.

But I do love that we're opening back up and concerts and festivals and a variety of events have made their way back onto the schedule.

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I'm not surprised Louisville was ready to "stretch" and get going again for summer 2021. And, boy are they ready.

I do like Louisville, but I have to tell you, I am NO fan of the traffic. I know Nashville never sleeps either, but, for some reason, I can just get around Music City much easier than I can Derby City. And Louisville drivers can act like they're in Mad Max: Fury Road at times.

Fortunately, there's Bardstown Road and plenty of events and festivals on the docket to keep me off the streets this summer, should I choose to investigate any of them.

Muhammad Ali

If you're a Muhammad Ali fan, you might want to check out the Ali Festival which begins Thursday, June 3rd and runs through June 13th, and will feature, among other things, daily screenings of the documentary City of Ali, which will be shown at the Ali Center. Those screenings will begin on June 4th.

Churchill Downs

Have you ever watched horse racing after dark? You'll be able to do just that with Downs After Dark at Churchill Downs on June 12th and September 18th. In addition to live music, the event will feature nighttime racing with a final race starting after 11 PM. Very cool.

The Rest of the Best

And that just scratches the surface. This summer's events in Louisville will run the gamut. We're talking bourbon, lots of live music, Kentucky crafts, soccer, the Beatles, and so much more.

I love staycations; I'm so glad that word was coined. And if you do too, Louisville may have a whole slate of summertime adventures awaiting you.


[SOURCE: GotoLouisville.com]

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