I've been noticing a relatively precipitous drop in gas prices around Owensboro, but I didn't realize how widespread it had become.

According to Gas Buddy, the range in Owensboro is from $1.87 to $1.91. That's a significant drop from even less than a week ago.

In Ohio County, it is a little higher, with a ranger of $1.93 to $2.15.

It's also a little higher in Muhlenberg and Hancock Counties as well.

But take a look at what a friend of mine found in Henderson County:

Jonathan Weedman/Facebook
Jonathan Weedman/Facebook

Pretty impressive, right? Well, when you select Kentucky on Gas Buddy, it will show you the 10 lowest gas prices in the Commonwealth.

And they are all in Henderson County, at the moment.

Oil prices have experienced a sharp decline and Market Watch says we could be looking at the cheapest spring gas prices we've seen a very long while.

But it also wonders if folks will take advantage of them, since there's speculation that we might see fewer people out on the road due to fears of the coronavirus.

In the meantime, DO take advantage of it. We haven't seen the price at the pump stay below $2.00 for an extended period in a long time.

Whatever the reason, this is good news for consumers. And we could sure use some.


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