Although it already feels like summer, the summer season officially kicks off next Monday with Memorial Day. Families will start to hit the road for much overdue celebrations and vacations, yet they may experience sticker shock at the gas pump.

Sure, gas prices always go up when there's a big travel weekend on the horizon, but this year, they could be a little higher. Of course, that depends on where you are going. Right now, Kentucky prices are currently roughly 20 cents less than the national average. The national average in the US currently stands at $3.03 almost $3.04 per gallon. According to AAA, Americans will see the highest Memorial Day gas prices since 2014.

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The Colonial Pipeline cyberattack created a mad dash for gasoline, but since the crisis was resolved, national average prices have stabilized. AAA also says that some Colonial Pipeline supplies are still strained in the southeast, motorists will be able to fill up for the holiday weekend.

So how do this year's prices compare to last year's at this time? Brace yourself. In Owensboro, where our average currently stands at $2.709 per gallon, last year, the price per gallon average stood at $1.765, yep, nearly a dollar cheaper. In all of Kentucky last year, the price per gallon stood at $1.831. A huge factor that kept prices at bay last year, the pandemic. While travel will increase, eating out for vacationers may decrease and folks may be on the lookout for free activities wherever they go.

To keep an eye on the current prices and trends in the Commonwealth, go HERE.

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