Right now, Illinois drivers are seeing the lowest gas prices we've seen in three months, but that doesn't mean it isn't still painful at the pump. Illinois still has some of the highest fuel prices in the nation, and I don't know about you, but I am really tired of talking about gas all the dang time.


Another thing I'm tired of? Hearing people in Illinois say things like "just wait and see how high the gas prices go after the tax break is lifted", or "I'm moving out of Illinois to somewhere I can afford to fill my tank up"!

Look, I get it, this gas thing is beyond frustrating, but can really just stop pouring salt in everyone's wounds? Please?!? Gas prices are a problem everywhere right now, and I'm sorry to say, will probably increase again this winter.

Treasury Secretary Warns a Spike In Gas Prices Is Coming

 Fox 32 Chicago reports;

U.S. treasury secretary Janet Yellin says gas prices could rise again this winter when the European Union stops buying Russian oil.


I totally get that the United States doesn't want to add any more money to Vladimir Putin's pockets, but isn't there a way to do that without making Americans suffer even more? It looks like there might be.

Fox Business reports;

G7 nations are proposing a pre-cap on Russian oil. Not only is the cap meant to decrease Russian revenue as Vladimir Putin continues his war in Ukraine, Yellen said, it is also aimed at "maintaining Russian oil supplies that will help to hold down global oil prices.

I'm not going to pretend I understand what all that means, but if it works and we don't have to cry every time we fuel up this winter, I will be eternally grateful. Let's all keep our fingers crossed until then.

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