The Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Commission met recently to make multiple recommendations related to deer, waterfowl, and migratory bird hunting seasons. Deer season would face the most changes. 

One big change the commission is recommending is that hunters with statewide deer permits and youth deer permits could bag four deer instead of two. Hunters would still be only allowed to take one antlered deer statewide regardless of method or zone. Even more ambitious is the additional deer permit would would allow hunters to harvest fifteen deer instead of two.

99 percent of hunters in Kentucky harvest four or fewer.

Modern gun season would expand to 16 days regardless of zone. The last weekend of September would be for antlerless hunting. Speaking of zones, several counties are switching to another. The commission proposes the following counties move from Zone 2 to Zone 1: Henderson, McLean, Union, Muhlenberg, Tood, Mercer, Mason, and Hart. Movie from Zone 2 to Zone 3 would be, Warren, Allen, Monroe, Barren, Metcalfe, Adair, Edmonson, Butler, Breckinridge, Meade, Hancock, Daviess, Taylor, Casey, Lincoln, Boyle, Madison, Clark, Montgomery and Bath.

Another recommendation would prohibit the construction or or use of devices designed to trap or entangle deer antlers.

The commission is also recommending fee increases for different types of hunting and fishing licenses. For example, a fishing license for a non-resident would increase to $55 and a seven-day non-resident fishing license would increase to $35.

State legislators must approve all recommendations before they become law.

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