Kentucky's Senior Senator was a guest on the Joe Lowe Morning Show Friday morning. The discussion centered on the Supreme Court decision Thursday that Obamacare is little more than a tax. The court, in a split decision, determined "a Tax" was well within the rights of congress.

Republican Leader McConnell said the American People are now in the drivers seat. "They will speak at the polls this November. It is the last chance to repeal this horrible law", said the Senator.

McConnell answered some questions listeners including:

If doctors are considering closing their practices or moving out of the United States due to the new law?

Are Illegal immigrants covered by the new health care law?

Did You Vote for Obamacare?

The senator answered: He did NOT vote for Obamacare. He also stated some doctors are indeed closing their practices now in anticipation of the new law. As for the coverage for illegals? He said he was not totally sure either way as he had not been able to read the entire opinion rendered by the court.

For those who did not hear the interview live we have it posted here

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