Harry Hayes, director of sales for Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield was the guest speaker at Thursday mornings Greater Owensboro Chamber of Commerce Rooster Booster meeting.

Guaranteed coverage, fines for not having insurance and types of care were all discussed in Mr. Hayes' presentation. While the program was directed at businesses, the changes outlined along with the problems that have already been identified apply to everyone.

Mr. Hayes pointed out that with the new rules a person who doesn't have coverage now will be able to get coverage whenever he or she wants. The problem? Many healthy people could opt to not have coverage and then get immediate coverage when and if they get sick. This would tax the system and leave no financial "cushion" for insurance companies to even out their costs. "If only those who are sick have coverage and the cost if treatment is greater than the premium, companies would not stay in business long or the government would be forced to pay the difference."

Many other "what if's" and "unknowns" were discussed during the morning event. 1490 WOMI recorded the presentation and have it posted here for those who may have missed it or what to review some key points.

Tonight (Thursday July 12) at 6 p.m. AARP and  GRADD will hold a meeting regarding the viability of Social Security and Medicare. AARP believes seniors have earned their benefits and the peace of mind that comes with knowing the Social Security and Medicare programs are strong and have a future. The "You've Earned a Say" event is a national conversation to ensure that before any decisions are made in Washington that could affect you and your famiy, you have a voice in the debate.

The dinner/presentation will be held at the Brescia University Lechner Center. The free dinner required an RSVP to Rachel Fautz at 1-866-295-7275.

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