Leave it to the Golden Arches to arrive at an idea whose time has come. The iconic McDonald's Happy Meal will feature books instead of toys through February 15th.

Of course, as one writer suggests, don't tell your kids until AFTER you've purchased the meal.

I think this is great.

Now, we're not talking Great Expectations and Crime and Punishment or anything like that. (Honestly, you couldn't FIT Crime and Punishment into a Happy Meal unless they gave it to you in a suitcase.)

No, McDonald's will feature kids' books like Clark the Shark Takes Heart, Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse!, and Pete the Cat: Valentine’s Day Is Cool.

Clearly they sport a timely theme.

But, way to go! I always supplemented my school reading with all kinds of books when I was at home.

And now the world's most recognizable fast food establishment will lend a hand in that endeavor.

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