Battling a major fire is hard enough for first responders but then adding an element like melting butter makes it even more dangerous.

God Bless All The First Responders

It takes a special kind of person to be a first responder. They put their lives on the line every day to save citizens they've never met before. For them, it's all about helping out their community. We are so lucky to have people like that in the world. It's not the type of career for just everyone. God bless all the first responders.

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firefighters battle a wildfire
Melting Butter At Wisconsin Dairy Fire

Wisconsin Firefighters Battle Blaze At Dairy

Dairy farming is a big deal in Wisconsin. Each place makes so many necessary products for customers including milk, cheese, butter, and ice cream to just name a few. The milk producers have massive operations north of the border. I could only imagine what it would take to put a fire out at one of those factories. Now let's think about the products in the building and what the heat from the blaze could do to them.

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Rockford Fire Department Taking Applications Soon
Melting Butter At Wisconsin Dairy Fire

Added Dangerous Twist To Wisconsin Dairy Fire

According to,

Portage Fire Chief Troy Haase said the fire began in a storage room filled with butter.


As the butter was heated, it melted and flowed throughout the building, making it even harder for firefighters to move throughout the facility.

Think about when you're cooking with butter and how quickly it melts when heated. Plus, it gets really messy to work with. Now, think about gallons and gallons of butter heated up by a massive blaze. That makes the situation so much worse.

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