If you visit this new restaurant in Wisconsin, you don't have to worry about tipping the wait staff because it's not allowed.

In Some Job Industries Gratuity Is Very Important

When working in the service industry, tipping is vital for employees. They depend on the extra money as part of their salary. Jobs such as wait staff get paid a much lower hourly wage because their employers count it as part of their pay. They even get taxed on gratuity. That makes it even more important to work in the right environment so you can maximize the money earned.

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No Tipping Allowed At New Wisconsin Restaurant

The owner of a new restaurant, Sultan, opening soon in Madison has a unique concept when it comes to paying its staff. They will not allow the customers to tip their employees including the wait staff. That wouldn't usually go over well in the service industry. Don't worry, the employees are being taken care of in a different way.

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Restaurant Employees Compensated In Unique Way

The staff at Sultan will have a much better setup when it comes to salary. If you work a bad shift and your tips are down, that takes a chunk out of your pay. Now, their employees don't have to worry about that. They will be receiving $20 per hour. I would consider that generous and much higher than the average wage. That's not all. The owner will also be sharing 5% of the monthly profits with the workers. I think that's a great deal and helps them feel part of something special.

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