If there is anyone that knows our kids as well as, if not better than us, it is their teachers - after all, they spend just about as much time with our kids as we do. Teachers see it all - they see how kids act when they think no one is looking, or when they know someone is looking but just don't care.

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Kids Gotta Be Kids

When kids are at school, most of their time is spent in the classroom - most of that time (in theory) is spent listening to the teacher, studying, doing homework, etc. Whatever they are doing, hopefully, they are learning. Aside from lunch and recess, there isn't a lot of time for kids to let out some of that seemingly endless supply of energy and just be kids - except for the precious few minutes they have in the hallways in between classes.

Expectations vs. Reality

In a perfect world, teachers and school administrators would look into the hallways a see nothing but well-behaved students, walking quietly in a single-file line. There would be no dillying or dallying, and everyone would simply move from one class to the next. The world is not perfect though, and kids aren't that civilized in the hallway, and nobody knows that better than their teachers.

Teachers See It All

Since most parents aren't witness to the everyday goings-on at their kid's school, we sometimes need the teachers to really show us what is what. One group of teachers from Hartville Elementary School put together a hilarious TikTok showing us the reality of what kids do in the hallways in between classes. It's brilliant because it is so doggone true.

See any behavior you recognize? You know those impressions are spot-on accurate, and hilarious. Part of me wants to say "man, kids are weird!" but then I remember that I did the same weird stuff (if not weirder) when I was growing up. Who am I kidding, I will still (as a grown-donkey man) run and jump up to touch the door or ceiling sometimes. And if I'm all alone, I won't hesitate to try out some new dance moves. You know you do it too...don't lie.

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*While there are several camps on this list, it is entirely possible I missed a few. If you work, run, or participate in one not listed, please e-mail me the information and I'll gladly add it.

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