This is one of the most fun Missouri golf moments I've ever been able to share and that's saying something. A group of Missouri golfers claim they saw 50 UFO's on the course they were playing yet still managed to make birdie on the 13th hole. Incredible.

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If you believed I was making this up, I wouldn't blame you. However, every word is true. Here's the exact description from some dudes golfing in Missouri as they were playing Bogey Hills:

Talk about a vibe shift, the group behind Riggs played through and explained that they saw ~50 UFOs this morning so they were distracted... You read that right. Hopefully, Riggs can shake that off and make a much-needed birdie on 13 at Bogey Hills.

It's one thing to see 50 UFO's. It's quite another to go ahead and birdie the very difficult 13th hole.

If this Missouri golfers versus aliens becomes a regular thing, I think I found a driver these guys should try.

I also found a fun golf ball marker on Ebay they might want to consider, too. Maybe E.T. wasn't phoning home. Perhaps he just wanted to play through.

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