Residents in the southern parts of Vanderburgh and Warrick Counties, along with nearly everyone in Henderson County and the surrounding area in Kentucky found themselves scrambling to their phones and computers to try and find the source of two mysterious booms heard Tuesday afternoon that some said rattled the windows of their homes.

Just after Noon, both Henderson and Evansville Watch posted on Facebook they had been receiving messages from followers asking if there had been any chatter on the police scanners regarding the booms. Both initially reported hearing nothing in terms of scanner talk, then Henderson Watch did a little investigative digging and found the source to be the last thing you would think.

Evansville Watch confirmed the beaver dam theory with an update of their own post.

10 pounds of dynamite?!?! What are beavers building their dams out of in Kentucky? Titanium?

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If they start building them like this, we're going to have real problem.

Whatever the case, I hope those beavers learned not to mess with farmers in Kentucky.

[Source: Evansville Watch & Henderson Watch via Facebook]

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