As you make your way north from Bowling Green on the Natcher Parkway, you'll start to notice some new signage. Slowly, the designations are going up for I-165. 

My friend Joe is the Chief Engineer for KYTC District 3. He told me the contractor is working his way north all 72 miles and soon, eleven exchanges will show the new I-165 designation. They should all be up in the next two weeks.

As far as the old toll plazas at Bowling Green, Cromwell, and Hartford, they will all be reconstructed beginning in the middle of next year and open to traffic in 2021.

Many of the signs along I-165 will also be replaced because Joe told me some of them are so old and so faded, they aren't readable at night.

All of the construction along the parkway/I-165 itself, the pavement, bridge walls, guard rails, and rock slopes will be completed by the end of June.

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