Dallas had oil, Dynasty had oil, and Kentucky? Well, we have bourbon. And how this industry has never been the subject of a TV series is beyond me. However soon, a sitcom about our beloved bourbon is in the works or it's aging in a barrel. 

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Scott Olson/Getty Images

Vertigo, the production company behind the number one film at the box office right now, oh yeah IT, is co-producing the series with Warner Bros for NBC.

The series is entitled, ahem, Sour Mash. Here is the synopsis:

"Written by Gagerman and Waller, Sour Mash is about a brilliant Latina chemist from Brooklyn with a passion for making bourbon who is tapped to become the master distiller at a failing family-owned distillery in Kentucky. She finds that making great bourbon is easy compared to dealing with the eccentric family that hired her."

Oh do I love a "fish out of water" or in this case a "fish out of bourbon" story.

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