Have you ever wondered what your dog does when you aren't home or maybe when you're not looking?  This Owensboro pup caught trying to steal a meal says it all.


Callie belongs to the Edwards family of Owensboro.  She is almost 3 years old. She's a Shetland sheepdog, otherwise known as a “Sheltie.”  She enjoys sleeping in the middle of her people Annie and Jamus and sharing Jamus' pillow.  Her very best friend is her sister, Lemon (also a Sheltie).   Quite possibly the best and most hilarious thing about Callie is that she was bred to herd sheep. So anytime she is around small children, she instinctively herds them.  Angel here and I think I have found the dog for our family LOL.  Where was Callie when my kids were little?  She would have been a Godsend!


Here human dad, Jamus, says:  It’s hilarious. But there’s no doubt, Callie’s favorite hobby is eating She jumps up on top of the kitchen table to clean up the leftovers the moment no one is watching.


How did we ever live without camera phones and home security systems that let us know what's happening when we aren't around or that allows us to capture things in a moment.  One thing we've all learned is our animals get themselves into mischief and do some of the most hilarious things when no one is looking.


Apparently, dogs can have hobbies too.  Callie loves to watch Hallmark movies and eat popcorn with her dad and her sister, Ellie.  Callie enjoys going on visitations with Jamus.  He is a pastor for Pleasant Valley Community Church here in Owensboro and Callie often tags along to see her friends that he stops to visit.

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One thing I've learned being a dog owner is if you leave your food on the counter or out where they can reach it, it's fair game.  We call our doodles counter surfers and rightfully so.  They have learned they can always find a crumb or even a full plate of food if they look hard enough.  Lilly actually robbed an entire bag of K-9 cookies from the top of the microwave last week because she saw me place them up there.  Even our cat helps them get food when they want it.  She jumps on the island, knocks something down and they all open it and eat it together.


Last week, Jamus posted a video of Callie in hot pursuit of a bowl of chicken salad left to fend for itself on the desk.  Here's what happened;

We were sitting in my office going through Grace Marriage coaching on zoom:) Annie had been eating chicken salad for lunch and left the room. Then Callie walked in and began her relentless pursuit. I just picked up the phone and started recording her. She had no idea.

To be honest, after watching it I'm not sure Jesus coming down and catching Callie would have stopped her from trying to get that chicken salad LOL!

If you'd like to keep up with Callie and her sister Lemon's shenanigans they have their own Instagram page sheltie_sisters.

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