ESPN Basketball Insider Dick Vitale has put much stock into No. 3 Notre Dame since before the tournament began. While they still haven't played as well as he had envisioned, the Fighting Irish have squeaked into the Sweet Sixteen after a four point win against No. 14 Northeastern and a three-point victory against No. 4 Butler.

"I’m high on them because they’re really an efficient basketball team," said Vitale, with Armen and Levack on 104.5 The Team. "They find a way to make good plays at the right time. They take good shots. They have not shot the ball as well as they did during the year. They’re due to shoot the ball better and are going to have to do that against Wichita State."

On Thursday at 7:15 PM ET, Notre Dame will go up against No.7 Wichita State, who is fresh off an upset against No.2 Kansas.

"Wichita State’s got a dynamite guard combination. You got to like [Fred] VanVleet, [Ron Baker], they know how to win.

"Think about this, Wichita State was unblemished last year, who beat them? Kentucky! Wouldn't it be unbelievable if Wichita State beats the Fighting Irish and Kentucky does what they’re supposed to do, beat West Virginia, guess who plays for the right to go to the Final Four?

"Wouldn’t it be the payback of ultimate big time if they were to stop Kentucky and stop them from being unbeaten!?"

Top-seeded seed Kentucky squares off against No. 5 West Virginia on Thursday and could be on a crash course to play either the underdog Shockers or the waiting-to-explode Irish.

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