Ashley Rowe and Lauren Settles of Owensboro are the best of friends.  So much so they have decided to take on teaching Pound class together and we are here for it.

Angel here and I had never heard of Pound Workout until my sister-in-law Lacie tried it and absolutely loved it.

Then I saw that Ashley posted her and Lauren were going to be teaching and I had to know more about the class.  Here's a bit more about Pound:

POUND® is a workout revolution and lifestyle brand that aims to change minds before bodies and use beat and alternative movement to launch people to new heights of self worth, happiness and human connection. Turning workouts into fitness concerts and music into movement, POUND® uses Ripstix®, lightly weighted exercise drumsticks to transform drumming into a sweat dripping, full body workout. Designed for all fitness levels, POUND® provides the perfect atmosphere for letting loose, getting energized, toning up and rockin’ out!

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Ashley says there adventures of friends started when her daughter Hazel began a love for airplanes instead of baby dolls at a very early age and this introduced them to Lauren:

I was trying to find an avenue to grow her interest and show her girls can do anything. A contractor of mine referred me to a gentleman that also loved airplanes and he knew Lauren and he told me to reach out to her. I did, she took Hazel for her first flight, was inspired by Hazel to write her children's book about a little girl that wants to become a pilot and we've been best friends ever since.

Lauren has been flying for many years.  Her love for flying grew even more after her father passed away from a heart attackwhile flying.  She is honoring him in flight and has been doing programs with kiddos who are interested in flying.

What a great way to come together as friends, help others burn calories, and have fun doing it.  Pound Rockout Workout with Ashley and Lauren is coming to the Iron Jungle here in Owensboro in late May if you would like to try it.

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