One thing I've always loved about growing up near Owensboro is it's not that far from a bunch of major cities. The older millennials are attracted to not only the location but also the not-so-pricey real estate market. 

According to mortgage data firm Ellie Mae, millennials aged 25-34 have closed on high percentages of mortgages and they make up 13.6 percent of the population with 30 percent are existing home buyers.

Owensboro has placed 11th on this list of 11 cities for millennial home buyers. Here's the synopsis:

"Nestled along the banks of the Ohio River, Owensboro doesn't have an interstate highway, but it is within a few hours' drive of Louisville, Nashville, and St. Louis. The town counts U.S. Bank among its largest employers-the firm's national mortgaging center is located there. A downtown makeover has also made this river city a nice place to live and work."

So it's not surprising major cities like Los Angeles and New York don't make the list, they are uber expensive! And yes, so is Nashville.

Staying close to home now makes sense.

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