The southside of Owensboro is losing a tasty neighbor in the coming day.  Penguin Point Restaurant has decided to close its doors.

Penguin Point is one of the newest restaurants on Frederica Street.  The news broke that they were headed to Owensboro at the end of the Summer in 2020.  Folks were super excited to have a new meal option in these parts.

I spoke with an employee who told me they had no clue it was happening until they received the call.  The store is permanently closed.

The closest locations to the Tristate area are Indy and Louisville.

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Just this past Saturday, Charlotte said "mommy I love their chicken" as we pulled out of the Owensboro Athletic Club.  My son, Braden always asks to go get a chicken sandwich and I loved their sauces and desserts.

It is always sad to see a restaurant closed.  I think of the employees losing their jobs and also wonder what could have been done to make it more successful.

A lot of restaurants have come and gone on Frederica Street.  In the last ten years, I can think of several including;  Krispy Kreme, Friday's, Tumbleweed, Ruby Tuesdays, and White Castle.  Can you think of any more?

How can we combat the issue?  What are some other restaurants that you would like to see come to Owensboro that we don't have?  How about the one you'd like to see make a comeback.

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