Addiction is tearing families apart all over the United States and Owensboro is no exception.  One recovery ministry is working diligently to reunite those families, one father, at a time.


Friends of Sinners is a Christ-centered recovery program focusing on the restoration and reconciliation of both men and women to Christ through the cross, accountability, and relearning life skills.


Many of the clients who come to Friends of Sinners have lost their families.  When they get to the program they are at rock bottom looking up to find a solution to get their lives back on track.


The FOS program model creates a house community that becomes family.  They pray, eat, worship, and do almost everything together as a whole.  This past weekend the men's house was able to once again after a two-year absence host the FOS Annual Campout.


The men were given the opportunity to invite their children and have planned activities.  They camped in Indiana around a lake.  They fished, played cornhole, boated, did fireworks and spent quality time together.  Roger Chilton, the founder of FOS, even joined the group to give the devotional for the evening.  Some of the men hadn't seen their kids in years.  It was a wonderful God-given opportunity to start over and create new memories in a safe and sober atmosphere.


Chad Drake -"my kids absolutely loved it! They didnt want to leave. To me it was about restoration of our relationship and letting them see there are safe places and solid foundations"


"The FOS campouts was a lot of fun for my son and I, as well as a great chance to spend some quality time together outdoors and doing some fishing."- Corey Burris

No recovery program is full-proof.  Friends of Sinners seeks to teach those who enter their program that it isn't an addiction problem but a sin problem.  They desperately want those who come to them to be restored first and foremost to the Lord and then to their families.  Angel here and my husband, Joe, is the Executive Director of this incredible ministry so I get to witness the transformation of these men and women and see the old leave and the new come it's miraculous.  Seeing the smiles and joy when restoration happens is amazing.

The kids truly enjoyed the time with their dads.  This is how it is supposed to be and Friends of Sinners is helping make that dream a reality for these families.

Click here to find out more about the Friends of Sinners Ministry or to donate to the mission.

Owensboro Recovery Ministry Restoring Fathers to Their Families

Drug Addiction is tearing families apart and Owensboro is no exception. One recovery program is working to reunite those families, one father, at a time.

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