Owensboro RV is set to expand their service department and operations in the fall. This is good news for campers.

Barb Birgy

Last month, Wayne Supply consolidated their Owensboro operations with their Evansville location, at 2420 Lynch Rd. Everyone wondered what would become of the vacant building on West Parrish Ave. We got the answer and it just makes sense.

Barb Birgy

Owensboro RV will expand operations into the location next door, sometime in the fall. This will help provide more space for service, and much needed parking.

I had a chance to speak with Adam Overall, General Manager at Owensboro RV, to find out more.

Adam explained why this expansion is so important. He said, "With this expansion, Owensboro RV will be poised to bring in a larger product line and more diverse inventory. This will be a great way to better serve our camping community."

Adam added, "Due to such confined space at our current location, it was hard to keep up with the high volume of service. With the expansion, we can hire more staff to give a better experience and faster turn around for our customers."

And, now we know what will become of the vacant property on West Parrish Ave. in Owensboro!

Barb Birgy