They're not the most common events in the world, but they're not as rare as a Halley's Comet fly-by either. And the total solar eclipse this August 21st will be best viewed right here in western Kentucky.

More specifically, in Hopkinsville.

While Paducah will experience the type of darkness the eclipse will cause for about 2 minutes and 19 seconds and Bowling Green will clock in at just over a minute, it's Hopkinsville where you'll be able to experience it the longest at 2 minutes and 41 seconds.

And it's important that you get those special eclipse glasses to avoid damaging your eyes.

1972 and 1991 were the last two years during which a solar eclipse was visible from North America.

But in '72, you had to be in Alaska and in '91 you had to go all the way to the Mexican Riviera and down into Central America.

And NASA says that the next two eclipses after this year will be visible from Northern California to Florida in 2023 and from Texas to Maine in 2024.

The best time to see the eclipse on the 21st will be between 1:15 and 1:30PM, according to Great American Eclipse which has an AWESOME map of the event on its website.

Happy viewing!


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