This sweet angel was found lying beside train tracks with severe injuries. The shelter called SparKy who immediately took care of her. Now, she needs us.

Saving Paws Animal Rescue of Kentucky

Can you imagine how scared Penny was just laying on the cold, wet ground. Suffering next to the train tracks with a severed leg and severed tail. Hoping that someone would find her before it was too late. Bleeding and about to die all alone. But, she wasn't alone. She must have had a guardian angel by her side. Penny was hit by a train and survived. This wasn't the end of her life story. Nope.

She was immediately taken to the vet by our friends at SparKy. As of the time of this post, Penny is in surgery to do clean amputations of both her leg and tail. The vet said that the surgery will be long and recovery will be painful, but she should make a full recovery. She will be on pain meds and antibiotics for days to come. It's truly a Thanksgiving miracle.

Saving Paws Animal Rescue of Kentucky

SparKy can't save lives without our help. They run on donations. Donations that save lives, like this precious soul.

SparKy posted this on their Facebook page, "We ask a lot for donations but we think Penny is worth it. Hug your pets this holiday. And if you can spare a little, Penny would appreciate it." I agree!

Please say a prayer for Penny and for her recovery.