After getting a divorce, I really didn't think I would ever get married again. I saw myself just having fun and dating, but no real commitments. That is before the perfect man, for me, walked through my door to take me on a first date.

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From that moment on, I was addicted to him. He was like a drug to me and I had to be near him. It was as if I had always known him as if I had been missing him my whole life and didn't know him. Even his family felt familiar to me. It was kind of an out-of-body experience. They were my people and he was my destiny.

As much as I would like to tell you that he felt the same, he did not. He really liked me, but there was no soul-mate feeling like I felt. He had never been married, and fought tooth and nail the feelings he was developing for me. Feelings like that are very scary if you are trying your best NOT to feel that way. Yet, here we were, feeling all the feels.

The night he asked me to marry him was a total surprise to me. We had struggled to find our footing, common ground, and synchronicity. Quite a few times, we almost walked away from what we knew deep down was what was meant to be. Yet, there we were, in the backyard of his house, sitting at a table, drinking Pina Coladas and looking up at the stars.

When he distracted me by trying to find a satellite flying through the sky, he got down on one knee and popped the question. At that moment, I had never been so surprised and so incredibly happy. I had found the one I had been missing and he had found me.

Well, that's mine and Quenton's story, what is yours? Where did YOU get engaged?

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