The Owensboro Middle School student council is collecting plastic bottle caps to make a bench in memory of classmate, Roxie Pickrell. Roxie passed away in November from brain cancer. The deadline to donate is quickly approaching.

Pickrell Family

Roxie Pickrell was just 13 years old when she took her last breath. It was a life cut much too short, and one that left a community in tears. Everyone that knew Roxie, loved this beautiful soul. As the community rallied around her family and friends, her classmates were left to pick up the pieces at school. Now, they want to do something special to let Roxie and her family know that she has not been forgotten. You can help and it's easy. Easy not only to honor Roxie, but to recycle in the process.

Pickrell Family

You can drop off those plastic bottle caps here at the WBKR studio on Frederica Street, or at the Owensboro Middle School office. The deadline is Thursday, February 6th, 2020. Let's do this! It's a beautiful way to honor sweet Roxie. And, to be a small part of helping this grieving family.

We've already received many caps just at the studio alone. How amazing is this! Keep them coming.

Cathy Pickrell via Facebook
Pickrell Family
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