My sister and I have fun with a particular memory about our "odd-numbered year" vacations in the 1970s.

That's right. In odd-numbered years when we were kids, we'd go to Florida. In even-numbered years it was New Mexico so we could hang with family.

But we eventually had family members in central Florida as well. My great-aunt and great-uncle moved to Lakeland in 1978. Our first visit to their place was in 1979. Oddly enough, despite all of the things we did that summer in Florida, one memory that stands out almost more than the rest is a grocery store.

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In Lakeland, Aunt Flossie did all her shopping at Publix, and when we were down there, we went with her. Well, you'd have thought Publix personally gave my dad $1000 just for walking through the front door. He RAVED about it--while we there, soon after at my aunt and uncle's house, and even MUCH later when we were back in Kentucky.

Look, I know it's not unheard of to LOVE a supermarket chain. Barb Birgy was telling me her husband Chris is also a huge fan of Publix. And when I was in upstate New York a few years ago, I couldn't get enough of Wegman's Supermarket. I understand. There's apparently NOTHING like a good grocery store.

And after 42 years of Publix being on my radar, if not in my vicinity, it is finally making its way TO my vicinity. No, it's not coming to Owensboro. The chain will soon be opening a location in Louisville.

And while I would never shove our grocery store chains to the side--I am an equal-opportunity shopper; regularly visiting Priceless, Houchens IGA, Meijer, Walmart, Aldi, AND Kroger--if a Publix ever came to Owensboro, I'd be one of the first in line.

The main reason is because the last time I was in one WAS in 1979 and I need to remember why Dad did figurative backflips over it. I'm guessing it's because it carries items you might not see elsewhere. When we were in Cleveland last month, we hit Giant Eagle on the way out of town and loaded up the cooler for that very reason.

And you know what? I might just get my wish. According to News40-Bowling Green, other Publix locations will be opening in Kentucky in the years to come.

I'm starting my grocery list right now.

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