Earlier today, there was a story about how cars, trucks, and SUVs are getting older--12.6 years is the current average age. That means that people are keeping their vehicles longer because new ones are too expensive.

Target is cutting prices to lure shoppers back into its stores. The big box retailer is taking the red ink to 5,000 items, including lots of grocery items. They get it. Income isn't matching inflation, and somebody has to do something.

Short of growing your own food--never a bad idea--consumers still need those stocked grocery shelves, and they always will. And it certainly would be helpful if that stock was affordable.

Enter "extreme value" grocery stores--markets where shoppers can purchase quality, name-brand items at much lower prices than elsewhere. In June, Cincinnatians will be introduced to Bargain Market, which has locations all across the country.

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Bargain Market is a brand under the umbrella of Grocery Outlet Holding Corporation which operates discount stores all across the country. And the need for such retailers has never been greater.

A Little Grocery Outlet History

Grocery Outlet Holding Corp. was founded in 1946 by James Read who originally named his company Cannery Sales. The name change didn't happen until after his death in 1982. Today, Grocery Outlet stores dot the landscape under a variety of names.

Yes, Grocery Outlet brands CAN be found from coast to coast, but not in Kentucky. However, if Cincinnati is getting one, why can't Louisville or Lexington? Both are less than 100 miles from the Queen City. Or maybe they adopt the Dollar General model and drop them everywhere.

They're currently only located in 10 states, but the other 40 would probably like an opportunity to save big bucks on big brands, too.

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