I believe we have had a complete overhaul when it comes to grocery stores in Owensboro.

By that, I mean none of the ones where my mom used to shop are here anymore if I'm not mistaken.

If there was one local chain she visited more than most--and I always went with her; I liked riding under the basket--it was Wetzel's. And it was funny because it wasn't like she'd stick to the closest one. That would've been the one on Triplett Street until they built the Wetzel's store on 25th, which is now an IGA. No, she'd also shop at the Wetzel's over on Carter Road, too. And I think there was another one but I can't place it right now.

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And it could be because I'm conflating Wetzel's locations with Wyndall's locations. They were everywhere--Highway 60 East, now 144; 2nd and Carter; Scherm Road; and I think Highway 54, but I wouldn't swear to it.

When I mentioned riding beneath the shopping cart, I was primarily thinking of Winn-Dixie. The old one was right across a big cornfield from our house on Sunrise Drive. It was at the end of Lincoln Mall across from Williamsburg Square. It disappeared and then returned at the corner of 25th and Frederica. That building is currently owned by Owensboro Health Regional Hospital.

I can't forget the A&P, a rare national supermarket chain. I remember it well, on the corner of 9th and Allen Streets.

Oh and one more, and this may be my favorite--although I was always intrigued by Wetzel's stores having different floor plans at each of their locations.

No, I'm saving Charlie's Key Market for last. And it might be "Charley's." Right now, I'm not sure. But I loved it when Mom shopped there. It was located on Frederica Street right around the Hill Avenue intersection but I can't remember exactly where.

But it was TINY. And yet it had everything in it a big store would have. Yes, it wasn't very easy getting around inside that store, but Mom did it anyway. It even had a butcher and a meat department. Listen, I know everything seems bigger when you're a kid, but if I remember that store being small, it MUST have been as small as I remember.

Seriously, Charlie's/Charley's Key Market was endlessly fascinating.

Like a clown car, only full of food.

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