Don't we love when a zoo welcomes a new member to their family?  Lately, so many zoos have gotten the cutest animals in for you to visit.

I haven't been to a zoo in a while, but I'm definitely excited to go back later this summer and meet all brand new animals!  I just met a baby wolf at our studio that was the newest addition to Summerfield Zoo in Belvidere, Illinois - she was the cutest little thing!  Now, Brookfield Zoo in Chicago announced they just took in a beautiful pygmy hippopotamus.


"Much smaller and rarer than the common river hippopotamus, pygmy hippos weigh between 350-600 pounds and can reach a body length of up to 5.75 feet. Pygmy hippos are also endangered, with less than 3,000 estimated remaining in the wild." - Brookfield Zoo

If you'd love to make a visit to say hello to 3-year-old Banana, you can find her at the Pachyderms exhibit at Brookfield Zoo.  Who can pass by her without saying hi?!

While you're there, you can find so many other gorgeous animals.  Just look at this polar bear enjoying a dip with some guests!

My favorite animal of all time is a sloth.  So, it's only right I have to visit them at Brookfield when I go.  Look at this adorable member, Raisin!

Even Raisin can't be serious for photos haha.

To end my rant of all the amazing animals you can find at this zoo, take a look at this unique monkey.  I've never seen anything like it, I feel like this is photoshopped but it's not!

This is a colobus monkey, if this photo doesn't make you want to go this weekend then I don't know what will.

Brookfield Zoo is located at 8400 W 31st St, Brookfield, Illinois.  Find more info about the facility on their website!


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