UPDATE 11/6 - Moments ago, Roxanne Lorraine Pickrell took her last breath. She was just 13 years old. As a community we mourn. We mourn for Roxie and what her life could have been with that red hair and sass. We mourn for the entire Pickrell family, especially for Jason and Cathy. We mostly mourn for a life cut short. I can’t believe that this is how her story ended. She had so much more to do. Rest in peace beautiful girl.

UPDATE 11/5: This family needs us right now.

Pickrell Family
Pickrell Family

If you are unfamiliar with this family, here is their story.

Roxie, is at Norton's Children's Hospital. She had a brain tumor removed on Monday (10/14/2019). We've been following her journey and although there's a lot to be thankful for, there's still a long way to go. There are several fundraisers set up to help with the mounting medical expenses.

Roxie was all smiles before surgery.
Roxie was all smiles before surgery.

First, here's the newest medical update from the family. They need all of the prayers available. Let's band together for Roxie.


11/3 Medical Update:
Nothing much new to report. It has been a slow, quiet day. She hasnt been very alert but has been resting peacefully. I did play some of her favorite songs and she was waving her right hand around as if directing (we do this in the car all the time). I could be incorrect, but I'm not sure what else that movement would have meant!?

11/2 Medical Update:
Ebbs and flows today....
-Still having pancreatitis issues. Working to get it back under control
-High temp this morning, better now
-Back on an IV med...cant be on IV meds to move to Frazier (which was a hope for Monday)
-not too alert today, hopefully lots of brain healing going on !

Pray for critical care issues to resolve so we can move on to rehab!

11/1 Medical Update:
Brain storming today (high temp, not very alert, shallow breathing). So it was decided to put her back on one of her meds every 8 hours. It had been reduced to PRN to see if she would be more alert....that plan didnt work
Liver enzymes are better
Pancreatitis numbers are not so good, shes producing a little too much sugar so shes temporarily on insulin. They think this is related to pituarary, after surgery issues and should subside (these numbers were normal pre surgery)
The next goal is to move her to Frazier (early next week?) so she can start physical and occupational therapy. That's what we are shooting for.

10/31 Medical Update:
-Spinal tap came back free and clear! (She will still have chemo/radiation)
-Liver enzymes are leveling out.
-On medication temporarily to help with pancreas.
-Alertness the same.

10/30 Medical Update:

I know everyone is seeing the picture of Roxie and I hugging. This is a great step, but I feel I should be clear that this was a completely assisted hug.

-She is still in and out of alertness, not verbal yet, motor skills not present, unsure of visual capabilities. She is hearing us.
-Liver enzymes are better this morning.
-Speech therapy tried to help her drink. She put her lips around the straw but didnt swallow.
-Spinal Tap results still pending.

This is all positive progress in the right direction!
Calling All Angels to continue to pray!

Pickrell Family
Pickrell Family

10/29 PM Medical Update:

Roxie was extabated today. She has been asleep and snoring since. She is still not fully alert. She is answering questions with her right hand and head nods, motor skills still not present. Unclear how well she is able to see (eyes still not opening fully). They are concerned for her liver levels, gall bladder, and pancreas inflammation. Levels were normal pre-surgery so hopeful it is related to critical care issues and easily unresolvable- did lots of tests for this today. Waiting on results of spinal TAP. If clear of cancer cells she will start rehab (regardless of alertness) at Frazier on monday, chemo to follow shortly afterward (thanksgiving?). If cancer cells are present, chemo will take priority.


10/29 Medical Update:

10/28 Medical Update:

From Cathy, Roxie's Mom.

-Spinal tap today, went fine, should know results in a couple of days.
-Vitals continue to show improvements. Temp down throughout the day and sodium stable.
-No med changes yet but she has been more alert and responsive today (so maybe Mom over reacted a bit?). No signs of motor control yet. If alertness continues, they may extabate her tomorrow!!!
-Small blood clot in her arm from the pic line, removed the pic line and blood clot should resolve itself with meds
-"Other issues" ....high liver enzymes, signs of pancreatitis and gallbladder issues. We are being told these are probably related to her critical care issues and should resolve as she gets better. Things to keep an eye on.

Keep praying!


Now, on to fundraisers. As you can imagine the medical costs are building. The family hasn't been working, because all of the focus needs to be on Roxie.

Foxy ROXIE's Army of Angels
Foxy ROXIE's Army of Angels
Crowds Flock To Notting Hill For 2010 Carnival
(Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images)
Foxy ROXIE's Army of Angels
Foxy ROXIE's Army of Angels
Blood Donors Making Donation In Hospital

Rise Up for Roxie -

Thursday, November 7, 2019 at 8:30 AM – 8 PM (Western Kentucky Regional Blood Center) Benefit blood drive for Roxie Pickrell. WKRBC will make a donation to the Pickrell family in honor of your volunteer whole blood donation. Help us support Roxie as she fights to recover from having a brain tumor removed. She is recovering and getting stronger everyday!

Center for Cosmetic and General Dentistry
Center for Cosmetic and General Dentistry

Center for Cosmetic & General Dentistry- Fundraiser for Roxie
Tickets to enter are $5 and you can enter as many times as you want! Raffle ends on December 16th and the winner will be chosen that week.
Please send all donations to the paypal link. Include your full name to enter the raffle. https://paypal.me/pools/c/8jwHNE6eux

Pickrell Family
Pickrell Family

If you want to send Roxie a card or maybe an iTunes Gift Card, here's the information you need. Roxie loves music and will respond well to this. You can also drop cards off at Gary's Drive-In or at WBKR, and we'll get them to the family. Most of all, say a prayer.

Norton's Children's Hospital  - 231 E Chestnut St, Louisville, KY 40202
Pediatric ICU
Roxie Pickrell
4th floor
Room 417, Bed 2

Roxie was all smiles before surgery.
Roxie was all smiles before surgery.

As you can read below, it has already been a long journey. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with Roxie and the family.

10/22/2019 Update:
Sodium levels high this morning so she's breathing fast and not as responsive. Continue to pray without ceasing!
10/21/2019 Evening Update:
Roxy is AWAKE. The family laid Gary to rest yesterday, and when Jason and Cathy got back to Norton's Children's Hospital, Roxie was awake. She still has a very, very long way to go, but this is a great first step in the right direction. She has some movement on her right side, but still not on her left side.
From Cathy: Next step Prayer request - That she is able to safely get this intubation tube out. She looks uncomfortable and wants it out! She wants a drink!
10/21/2019 Update:
Roxie is still intubated. Shes on an antibiotic for congestion/a cold. Her temperature has been high since surgery so she was put on a cooling blanket. Shes not processing food well so she is now receiving nutrition through her veins instead of a feeding tube. When shes not sedated, she is squeezing our hand, giving thumbs up, squeezing her eyes, wiggling toes, nodding yes and no. She hears us. Please keep praying. Dont stop. She WILL come out of this and there is a purpose to her suffering.
10/19/2019 Update:

'small positive changes'
Cathy (Mom) - she is squeezing my hand with her right hand when I ask her to
- her eyes are still closed but she has "blinked" for me 3 times (squeezed her eye tight) when asked - when asked, she gave Dr Sweeney a thumbs up with her right hand

I am still being told to expect slow progress but to me this is huge.
Keep praying
Together, we got this

10/17/2019 Update:
MRI confirms swelling related to surgery. She HAS had a stroke in the right side of her brain, affecting her left leg.
There is also a possibility she has had a stroke in her thalamus, which affects wakefulness and alertness, which may be why she is still not awake. We are being told her brain is taking time to re-arrange and regenerate itself. She may take days ....or weeks.
Pray and send us positive thoughts without ceasing.

On 10/16/2019 Cathy and Jason posted an update on Roxie's medical journey. I'll let them share the status of Roxie's progress, in their own words.


Pickrell Family
Pickrell Family

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