Have you ever heard of Pinch Scotch Whisky? I can't stand scotch, so it would never be in my purview, but I know a lot of scotch drinkers.

Anyway, I looked it up and it's a pretty old brand, dating back to 1655. It's also called Dimple Pinch, but that's not what struck me in my search. I actually SHOULD have heard of it since it was Walter White's brand of choice on Breaking Bad, a series I binged like I'd never binged before.

Of course, I never learned if they're still producing tokens (it's too light weight to be called a coin) like the one I found the other night at the Dollar General.

And, it has the 1977 Indiana football schedule on the back (or the front, I guess). Looks like the Hoosiers had a strong non-conference schedule that year--LSU and Nebraska (long before the Cornhuskers became a conference opponent).

What also strikes me about this odd find is how good a shape it's in.

If my dad was still alive, I'd hightail it to his place and add it to his collection; he loved stuff like this, even if--like this token--it has no face value.

Have you ever you seen anything like this? Do you have one?

Should I contact Bryan Cranston, the actor who PLAYED Walter White, and see if he has one?

What a weird thing to find.

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