In the last few weeks, folks in Grayson County, Kentucky and here in the tristate have been excited to hear Elvie Shane on the radio.  The Caneyville, Kentucky singer is on the verge of having a huge country music hit with his debut single "My Boy."  If you haven't heard it, here it is.  It's sensational and, here at WBKR, we're all convinced it's going to be a massive hit- possibly even a #1 song!

Seriously, how good is that song?  The first time Angel heard, she burst into tears.  Actually, I think she cries every single time it plays on WBKR because it reminds her so  much of the relationship between her husband Joe and her son Tucker.

Since it's Thursday, we're going to have a little Throwback Thursday celebration for Elvie.  Who remembers this?  Back in 2016, on Season 15 of American Idol, Elvie stepped in front of the judges (Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr. and sang for a golden ticket to Hollywood during AI's stop in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Yep!  He got one.  Elvie made it to the Group Round during Hollywood Week, but was eliminated after his performance of Alex Clare's "Too Close."

But none of that matters now.  Elvie Shane is poised to crack the Billboard Top 10 with his debut single.  Like we did back in 2016 when he was on American Idol, we're going to be here cheering him along.  This guy is going places.  Quoting a Lee Ann Womack song, I guess you can say he's "A Little Past Little Rock."  He's way past it.

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