I hadn't seen Paul Emmick in years when I got the news that he had passed away at the age of 55.

It was a shock just as it always is when you lose an old friend and a contemporary. And while Paul and I weren't close friends, we WERE friends and we'd chat it up every time we'd run into each other.

I don't know the cause of death, but I do know that Glenn Funeral Home is handling the arrangements.

What I also know is that I couldn't let this news come to me without sharing some memories of Paul from WAY back and from recent history.

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Paul and I attended Daviess County High School at the same time. He was a year ahead of me but we were always crossing paths.

We worked on the school newspaper, The Big Red Machine, and he was a much better writer than I was. But here's what was so cool, to me, about Paul...he was a DEEJAY on the radio. Blew my mind.

That should come as no surprise to anyone who ever heard him speak; he had one of the best radio voices I've ever heard. And we were all kind of in awe that he had a gig on WSTO at the ripe old age of 17. But again, that voice.

He always compiled a Top 20 that we'd publish in our monthly periodical. And it was so funny; he'd just make it up...with a little help from the staff.

Paul also dabbled a little in school theater. He and I were in the cast of Barnum, which DCHS presented in the spring of 1983. With the exception of the two leads, everyone in the cast had multiple roles. And when we weren't needed on stage, we'd hang out together in the green room.

Considering there were times when we really needed to keep our mouths shut, it became a bit of a difficult proposition because Paul was so funny.

Much later, Paul became a licensed meteorologist and worked for The Weather Channel, WEHT, and then WDRB in Louisville. He also spent time at WSBT in South Bend. And I thank the folks at WDRB for filling some of the spaces. I didn't know about the South Bend gig.

But I do know that the world is a little sadder without Paul in it. Again, it wasn't very often I'd run into him, but we'd always have time for a conversation.

What a voice. What a good dude. What a sad day.

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