Central City has their Freak Shakes from Stellian's. In fact, folks from all around the tristate have been making the trek there for the last couple of years just to get one.  Then, Owensboro got into the game with Sandlot Shakes over at The Dugout Diner on 18th Street.  Lic's, who sponsors our weekly birthday giveaways here on WBKR, got the fever and launched the Celebration Sundae.  While not a "shake", it's insane and  comes with five scoops of ice cream, cookies, Choco-Cremes and some funky "birthday" sunglasses.

Well, now Sacramento is getting into the "nuclear reactor" milkshake action too.  This weekend, Nat's on Main is introducing their own line of milkshakes on steroids that are more of a shake/sundae hybrid.  They're called Rockzillas!

Rockzilla Shakes at Nat's on Main in Sacramento

Nat's on Main in Sacramento, Kentucky just unveiled the newest additions to their menu. The huge, epic and delicious Rockzilla Shakes!

I got to sample all three Rockzilla Shakes on Wednesday afternoon.  And, I got the inside scoop (pardon the pun) on how the Rockzillas got their name.  Natalie's husband, Brent Hardin, has his own nickname.  It's "Hard Rock."  Now, I did not know this until Wednesday afternoon and I have a ridiculous amount of questions about how that nickname was born into existence.  But, for now, we'll focus on the shakes, which Natalie says are "a little thicker than a milkshake but thinner than just hard ice cream."

Nat's on Main is pretty easy to find.  It's about 30 miles outside of Owensboro in Sacramento and you guessed it.  It's right in the middle of town on Main.


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